Gini Index

This is one of those things that you really did not know. 

If you are a rookie environmentalist like myself,  you would know what I mean by saying that I love information like this. 


It is becoming increasingly evident that the ‘’ (the gap between the wealthy and the poor) is beginning to show itself in our environmental society. Instead of measuring wealth, you measure environmental knowledge. There are those, like myself, who are taking steps to mitigate and reduce our influence on our global environment. At the other end there are those who consider matters relating to the environment to be of negligible consequence, “not my problem” or “I have other important issues”. In simple terms, the factor is the measure of rich in environmental knowledge  vs poor in environmental knowledge.

The primary issue is no longer a matter of awareness. There are numerous sets of data to show that the penetration of awareness across all aspects of our society is extremely high.

The ‘knowledgeable and responsible rich’ have all the answers for the ‘ignorant and irresponsible poor’ to change. Government is looking for ways to create ‘green economies’. Business is finding ways to ‘save more on their bottom line’. Civil society is seeking to establish an ‘environmentally just society’. These sectors are the knowledgeable and responsible people.

The ‘environmentally ignorant and irresponsible’, who are in the majority, see that group as elitist. They are seen to come across as “we know what is good for you”. And along the way there are promises of jobs, promises of incentives and more and more commissions.

All the time, the tap keeps on dripping while the ‘environmentally ignorant’ simply walk past it. “The Government or Business or Civil Society will close the tap, cause they know how to” is there response.

That leaking tap is everybody’s problem. Addressing climate change is not a fad or fancy and is not elitist. No amount of money or rules or plans will solve the problem. Only actions will. Let the closing of dripping taps be of value to everybody, so that we fight to be the first to close it.








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