Limiting vehicle emissions can help you to reduce your environmental impact and benefit your business.

Emissions from vehicle exhausts are a significant source of air pollutants including:


carbon monoxide

fine dust particles

nitrogen oxides

unburnt hydrocarbons


limit the amount of vehicle emissions that your business produces as they may:

lead to ill health, such as respiratory problems, among your staff and the public

contribute to roadside levels of pollution in urban centers

contribute to climate change

Financial savings

By using vehicles more efficiently you can make significant financial savings through reduced fuel consumption and less wear and tear 


Improved business’ image

Reducing your environmental impact can help to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and improve the image of your business.

Awareness of environmental issues is growing, and customers, investors and other stakeholders increasingly prefer to deal with businesses that have good environmental credentials. Having environmental policies and procedures in place is likely to be viewed positively and can also help you win contracts when you tender for business.


Business continuity

Fuel-efficient driving may also enable you to continue with your normal operations if there are temporary disruptions in the fuel supply.



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